Your healing journey is the path you take connecting yesterday's choices to tomorrow's opportunities. Remember, Every Choice Matters.

Your healing journey is the path you take connecting yesterday's choices to tomorrow's opportunities. Remember, Every Choice Matters.

The journey to healing, and moreover, whole healing, will create change and make you prosperous in all the resources that matter:

 I firmly believe that this is true for every single person, in any capacity. Embarking on a healing journey will take you to places and experiences beyond what you initially imagine. Learning to confidently embrace the twists, the turns, and the cause-and-effect relationships of the multitude of variables that shape and affect all aspects of you. You will transform everything about yourself, inside and out.

Together, we navigate a path that will help you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want things to be and how you want to feel - in your physical, mental, emotional, and even your relationships and spiritual life.

Jeremy Gilsoul

My work is an eclectic blend of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness, based on being trauma-informed, person-centered, functional, holistic healing. I have a Masters in Science in Chinese Medicine, a double bachelors of Nutrition Science and Psychology and Sociology. I have trained with some of the top experts in Functional Medicine. I have over 15 years of bodywork and clinical experience working with a diverse group of patients and clients. I combine my extensive training with significant real-life experiences spanning careers in Law Enforcement, to sales, to clinical patient care, which helped shape my firm yet compassionate and gentle style of work based in love and compassion - with a foundation of what truth and what is. The core of my working is centered in integrating physical, mental, emotional healing, and is done through the framework created and taught in my Foundational Health System.

My philosophy of healing

When you gain the ability to perceive the intricate connections and interplay of the many facets of yourself and comprehend how your choices intricately shape the reactions and outcomes, you will gain the true mastery of your healing journey.

First Things First Fundamentals.

Every healing journey unfolds according to a plan. It's not about having the perfect plan, nor is it about striving for perfection. Instead, it's about crafting a vision, naming the outcomes you passionately seek and desire, and then consistently acting in pursuit of those goals.

The Five Pillars of Health and Longevity.

Contrary to popular belief, science is never static. Instead, it's an ever-evolving pursuit of understanding, consistently unearthing new questions. This dynamism is a healthy and integral aspect of true science.

I've always been a leader, driven to support others, but guiding them towards a holistic healing journey, focusing on multiple layers, addressing various traumas, and inspiring them to concentrate on their future rather than their past, wasn't always clear to me.

I used to center my efforts on everyone else's well-being, exhausting myself while neglecting my own needs and desires. I bottled up my worries and made compromises that didn't align with my highest values. I felt compelled to be the pillar of strength for those around me, fearing that the world would crumble without me.

I was profoundly detached from my own body, particularly my emotions, as constant thoughts overwhelmed my mind. I became adept at masking my struggles, acting like a chameleon, so for a time, no one detected my inner turmoil. However, the façade slowly crumbled, and signs of my internal struggle became evident.

If someone had asked if I was happy, I would have provided eloquent responses, but in reality, I was clueless about my emotions and their origins. I was barely hanging on, navigating each day as if traversing a minefield, seeking deeper escape through food, alcohol, sex, and even video games.

For decades, I grappled with obesity, gastrointestinal issues, perpetual headaches, and frequent illnesses. But the worst part was the unrelenting exhaustion, burnout, and overwhelming stress. I watched my youth slip away, believing this was the norm – life meant working, enduring, paying bills, chores, and more bills, followed by sleep and holding on. I hoped that one day this rollercoaster of life would become gentler, that someone would magically arrive with all the solutions, like a character from 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.' I just needed my golden ticket. Until then, I had to continue pretending… keep working… keep on faking it.

Jeremy Gilsoul

What I didn't realize back then was that, in many ways, I was my own problem, the source of my struggle and burnout. I was a casualty of my own choices, behaviors, patterns, thoughts, and suppressed emotions. When I finally paused and confronted my need for healing, when I peeled back the layers and committed to my own healing journey, taking matters into my own hands, I learned to heal and lead myself. That's when everything began to change.

Jeremy Gilsoul

After well over a decade of studying, learning, doing my own work to heal and be the best leader I can be, I can tell you right now… I'm not a Guru, nor an expert, nor all enlightened. I am simply a guide. An Holistic Uber driver. And like any good guide, I continue to travel the paths, again and again, and well, again. Each time, I become aware of new things. I notice little subtle details, I get better at noticing my surroundings and the environment. Maybe I know about some construction on the road ahead, or I know a really awesome view you just have to see that won't add time to your journey.

Maybe I know just the right questions to ask at well-timed moments. I fully embrace the journey, I soak it up, and allow it to become part of me, exposing it to all the pieces of myself - the seen and the unseen, and each time I travel the path - little by little, I become ever more connected, knowing that next time, I'll have even more insight and wisdom to navigate the path more naturally, more gracefully, more embodied and aware.

This is what being a wellness leader is. It's a commitment to work that never ends - and moreover it's an acceptance of that. Healing is about looking for ways to heal and improve, it's looking at different layers of healing, looking at different ways to express ourselves, and most importantly it's looking for ways to live presently to our fullest. It's not something that you get from a doctor or by taking a pill - it's not something you do, it's a state of being. It's something you are. You become ‘the healing.’ This is how I hold my own healing. This is my commitment to you. And this is what I ask from everyone I work with. To become their healing.

If you are looking for next-level healing, mentorship, and support, you can access my teaching and learn how to work with me in a number of ways ranging from free to five-figure investments, with information on all offerings found here on my site. I would love to support you on your journey, and I hope you join me on yours.

Start Your Healing Journey Here…

You’ve made it this far…

And after being on this journey for as long as I have…

One thing I know for certain is that:


You can take the fast track or the scenic route.

So if not NOW, then WHEN?

This is an invitation to feel better, so you can live the life you desire!

Currently accepting new clients.

Convenient Location: 7822 27TH St W University Place, Wa 98466

Jeremy is an extremely knowledgeable, skilled, compassionate, and kind practitioner. He listens and holds space like no other. I always leave feeling great after my sessions. Whether you are looking for acupuncture, functional medicine, or coaching, he will meet you where you are on your journey to serve your healing needs!

- Anita Paez -

Jeremy has had a powerful impact on my wellbeing and quality of life. His unique skillset, combining western and eastern lenses on health, and his consideration of the physical, emotional and even spiritual aspects of healing, results in getting to the root cause of my challenges. I'm so grateful to have come across Gilsoul Health and to have benefited from Jeremy's skills and wisdom!

- Jessica Heaton -

Thank you Jeremy for the acupuncture that is supporting me healing from migraines for a life that I can engage in everyday! And you are always willing to work with me to make your services accessible for me and your clients! And not to mention always lots of laughter! Highly recommend!

- Beth Solan -


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